Thank you- #26W26D

My 26 day writing stint with tokens of expressions is extremely close to my heart.

The #26W26D challenge tested my diligence and commitment to writing. I went beyond my comfort zone whenever I wrote about themes that I usually don’t write on.

The challenge also gave me an opportunity to collaborate with one of the most inspiring and talented blogger on WordPress. Aieshi Jain, I will cherish our disagreements around the word and theme with you❤❤❤
Our motive was clear. We really, really wished that this challenge gained lots of attention and popularity but even when it didn’t, we chose to look at the brighter side which was all about writing for ourselves and pushing ourselves to write better.

It was heart-warming to read beautiful content by other talented writers. Every blogger had a creative and unique approach to the prompt. It was a great learning curve!
PAEANSUNPLUGGED, thank you for taking up the challenge so religiously❤❤❤It means the world:)

Refract Reality joined us in this challenge and I want to thank you for taking this up 🙂 I hope it somehow helped you too as it helped us. Your poems are amazing!

Introvert souls way thank you so much for embracing the challenge as well❤❤

As we promised on the rules about posting a list of our favourite posts for each word and from each day, it is not possible to do so now since only 4 people did the challenge (challenge hosts, included!)

Thank you Paeansunplugged, Introvert souls way and Refract Reality

P.S The challenge has not “officially ended” or something. You can still read the rules and start it from the first day itself. There’s no starting or ending date. Be sure to put the hashtags and ping backs and we would love to read your content 🙂


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