When the soul speaks

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 23: Wordless

Word Theme: Conversation

Eyes are the gateway to the soul

Eyes and body language speak volumes when words fail to.

Some connections have no words but only heartbeats.

The film Jurrasic World beautifully captures a wordless yet eternal inter-specie relationship between Owen and Blue.

If wordless conversations can materialise into something so impactful, words have no bounds.


12 thoughts on “When the soul speaks

      1. Now we sound like a cheesy couple arguing who loves who more or debating who is going to cut the call.


  1. You just had to choose a picture from that crap movie, didn’t you?
    Could have picked SRK’s expression from Chak De India when the match is won

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    1. The movie was pretty bad but the context of that picture relates to the theme( in my opinion, I might be wrong of course). The female and male protagonist do not talk but engage in a beautiful act of body language that words could not have achieved. A forehead kiss is sometimes the most beautiful feeling( not just romantic). Chak De India is my favourite film by the way❤


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