‘Love’ that bloody sucks

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 22: Vampire

Word Theme: Attraction

Dear men,

Do you want your lady love to be at your beck and call? Do you want to be more attractive? Then chuck being supportive or considerate, be callous and cold-blooded ( quite literally)

  • Be possessive. Wreck her car in order to prevent her from meeting her guy friend.
  • Act aggressive and threaten her by breaking up or killing yourself.
  • Stalk her and check her phone.
  • Mansplain her. Afterall, she is a spineless woman who can’t take her own life decisions.
  • Do not trust her.

Your woman will yearn for your attention and love once you master the above techniques. You will be irresistible.

P.S purchase some glitter and dab it over your face to multiply your attractiveness.

Twilight is a 101 guide to abusive relationship and toxic behaviour. Teenage girls idealise 50 shades of Grey, Twilight and similar literary works that equate alpha behaviour with protection.

There is a thin line between feeling safe when vulnerable and being controlled. Pop culture and media blur this thin line only for young women to be stabbed in the heart later on( this kills a vampire, FYI).

The Twilight apple is the new age poison that young girls feed on.


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