You root for our survival

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 20: Tree

Word Theme: Strength

You are a true hustler and a breath of fresh air( quite literally).

You harbour a community of life. You support, collaborate and enrich the life of other living beings. You are deeply rooted and celebrate the strength from within. You appreciate the importance of being interconnected and strengthen the ones around you.

You bend before you break. You adapt and continue to stay strong despite harsh winds.

When adversity strikes, you heal yourself from within. Your true character and strength is celebrated at the toughest of times.

When injured, tree cells will flow around a wound, creating a knot. By changing course, the cells within the wood grain can continue to supply nutrients and water to other parts of the tree, rather than simply hitting a dead end and cutting off all supplies to the rest of the tree.

You personify perseverance. You get beautiful and strong with time. You know when to flaunt your leaves and know when to shed them. You accept loss in the most beautiful and dignified manner. It is a form of resurrection and rebirth.

God we don’t deserve you!


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