Break to make

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Word for Day 18: Rules

Word Theme: Broken

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Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol et cetera. WHY DO PEOPLE ROMANTICISE REBELLION? Since when did breaking rules become cool?

Persepolis is a coming of age book that made me fall in love with rebellion. The protogonist, Marjane Satrapi is exposed to violence and war from a young age.

When Marji has her first cigarette, she considers it a sign of growing up. She coughs and coughs and says, “with this first cigarette, I kissed childhood goodbye. Now I was a grown-up” She really just needs the cigarette to calm her nerves, and she smokes it after thinking about the thousands of people who have died because of this pointless war.

Was Nelson Mandela a rebel? Was Rosa Parks a rebel? Was Mahatma Gandhi a rebel? Rebeling with a cause is the kind of rebellion we need. You need to break to make right?


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