Puzzling life

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 10: Jigsaw

Word Theme: Clarity

You are part of a puzzle in someone’s life. You may never know where you fit. But someone’s life may never be complete without it.

  1. Few pieces in life just don’t fit. They are simply incompatible.
  2. A lot of shuffling, hustling and adjusting is required to get the perfect whole picture.
  3. All pieces must be connected in order to fully appreciate the picture
  4. We often adopt a reductionist approach to life: The sum of all the parts equals the end result- the completed jigsaw. We gloss over the value added by one jigsaw puzzle.

Did you ever forcibly try to join two jigsaw pieces despite knowing that they are not the right fit? The piece’s paper and cardboard begins to tear as a result. In other words, denial of truth inflicts self damage. Every jigsaw piece has a purpose( not necessarily the purpose that you want it to serve) and a space to fill. Jigsaw puzzles will rearrange itself and settle where it truly belongs. Give it time. Clarity takes time.


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