Life is a beach

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 9: Island

Word Theme: Rescue

Every video game and film subtly perpetuates damsel in distress theme. Kids are exposed to such typecasting from a very young age. The objective of many video games is to resuce a pretty woman in pink from a castle. Whilst these video games are entertaining, they are capable of conditioning children in a harmful way. Young boys are pressured to be the alpha man who beats up the bad guys and girls are taught to be spineless.

Sure! Islands are breathtaking, mesmerising and captivating but the word island reminds me of crisis. Ya Ya I like being #sunkissed, sand in my feet, wind in my hair and glitter in my eye but I find the word quite daunting.


I strongly loathe solitude. My fear of islands stems from the same ( or maybe because I embarassed myself in english class by proncouncing island as is-land)

There are phases and moments in our lives where we feel alone, desperate, rejected and deprived of any resource like that of a stranded person on an island.

Isn’t daily life an acid test to survival? Why do we subconsciously wait for an aplha man( who rides a horse and wears a white tux) to break our shackles and help us swim across the waters of life? Why do we forget that there is I in Island? We break our own shackles and detangle our seaweed from our own life.


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