Uno, two and three and go

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

Read the rules here

Word for Day 7: Game

Word Theme: Manipulation

A board game, video game or any kind of game has a set of rules to follow. Is it appropriate to draw a parallel between games and life? If only we actually possessed life’s cheat code. Sigh.Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were actually gifted an allowance every time we passed go?

I am pretty sure all of us resorted to manipulation in order to win a game or encountered individuals who practcice the same. What if we encounter such situations in life? Can we skip painful instances and toxic people like a game of Uno? Life is unpredictable as well. Are we doomed for eternity if life throws us a wild card?

What if life does not go according to our plan? The red coin symbolises our dream/ goal and ambition in life. What if someone else sweeps in and snatches our dream away from us?

What if I told you that in this comeptitive game called life, there are people put there who are genuinely rooting for you instead of and are not manipulating you. There will be a person who smooths your life like powder on a carrom board. You might also have someone in your life who is willing to take you to your destination even at the cost of others laughing at his/her drawing skills.

However, you need to remember that they can only open the door for you. At the end of the day, you need to strike the red coin and guess the picture.


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