Rainbows have scars

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

Read the rules here

Word for Day 3: Colour

Word Theme: Reality

Expectation: I’ll fly with flying colour
Reality: Just pass

I hope I haven’t jinxed it!

One of my closest friend and confidante disagree on a plethora of opinions and beliefs but we somehow managed to have one shared belief, expectations do more harm than good.

My heart skips a beat whenever the front camera on my phone decides to pay an uninformed visit. I absolutely loathe taking selfies and posing for pictures. When my life hits rock bottom, I resort to Snapchat. I feel like a Disney princess (quite literally with the tiara filter) with all the tools that radiate my skin, cover my blemishes and adjust my skin colour. It is happiness in a snap! I found happiness at the cost of me losing my real self.

Why do we forget that it takes bending, refraction and breaking of light to form a colourful rainbow. Scars celebrate this breaking and bending. Take pride in embracing them and not hiding them. Expectations need to feed in reality not idealism.


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