Beauty after a storm

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 2: Beauty

Word Theme: Anger

Hey you. Yes you! Why don’t you smile more? You will look prettier if you smile more.

We are conditioned to bottle up our feelings, emotions and opinions since childhood especially if its anger. Anger like any other emotion is essentially a feedback mechanism to any displeasing experience or situation. We cannot laugh to the fullest if we don’t cry or frown to the fullest.

Thoughtful anger is important for a well-functioning society. Take offence to pollution. Take offence to animal rights. Take offence to corruption. Take offence to sexism, classism and every other –ism out there.

WITH GREAT ANGER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. We have the right to get angry but we have the responsibility of channelling it in a harmless and non-destructive way. Cry, hit your pillow, scribble, write, eat and repeat. Innovate don’t inflict. Transform your anger into art. Your communication should affect your emotions not the other way round.


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