Don’t let love abduct your soul

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

Read the rules here

Word for Day 1: Alien

Word Theme: Heartbreaks.


Utopia. Butterflies in the stomach. Escapism. Cloud 9.

Love detaches one’s soul from the world. believe this detachment and luxury comes with a cost. A person in love is an alien to reality and the world.

The same person completely shuts down when he/she experiences heartbreak. The person is once again alien to the world. He or she takes time to recalibrate his or her emotions and mental framework to the reality. Earlier, words were not enough to express his/ her heart and emotions to the fullest. The same person now has little or now words to express his/her narrow spectrum of emotions similar to that of an alien.

So how do we manage to stay rooted when love sweeps our feet off the ground? Love is the union of two identities and souls not the abduction of the same.


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