26 words-26 day challenge

I am very excited to tell you all about this challenge that I’ve created in collaboration with my dear friend from the blog- Tokens of expressions

This is a new post, what you probably read yesterday has been edited as follows.

About the Challenge:

It’s a pretty simple challenge. You’d be given a word everyday on which you have to write. It could be anything- poetry, prompt, essay, open letter, story, micro fiction; literally anything that you want. It’s sort of like the daily prompts we have on WordPress, the difference being that each daily word will start with a different alphabet, for each of the 26 days and the challenge is to write every day. While writing everyday, another add on is to follow the specific theme given with each word. Read the rules for further details.

For a better idea about how the challenge works, be sure to read the Day 1 post that will published by me on 22nd May, 2018


  1. Mention the creators of this challenge as Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries at the beginning of each of your posts, providing a link to both the blogs.
  2. Provide a link to this rules post on each of your posts.
  3. You cannot change what kind of literary form you’re using. If you choose to write a poem, you have to continue writing poems for each word that you get. If it’s a 100 word prompt, it has to be a 100 word prompt for each word and so on. If you have a photography or art-related (e.g. doodles or paintings etc) related blog, you can still participate if you are able to stick to the word theme with your self-clicked pictures or self-drawn doodles etc. However, do mention how your pictures relate to the theme.
  4. The daily words will be given by Tokens Of Expression and The Cliche Diaries. They shall be writing their own posts on the daily words that they provide. It is advisable to give them a follow if you don’t want to miss the daily words.
  5. Their daily posts will be posted at 06.30 P.M IST.
  6. It is not important for you to start with Day 1. You can choose to move along with the current ongoing Day word. For e.g.: If you’ve come to know of the challenge on the 7th Day, you may be a part of the challenge from the 7th day onwards. However, continuing daily from your chosen Day is essential.
  7. Use the hashtag #6 with each post.
  8. There are no nominations. The purpose of this challenge is to push ourselves to write better and regularly and if you’d like to take this up, feel free and more than welcome to do so.
  9. On the 27th Day, Tokens Of Expression and The Cliche Diaries will post a common list of their favourite posts on each of the 26 words.
  10. The challenge starts on 22nd May, 2018.

P.S If you’d like to help us in promoting this challenge, do re-blog this post 🙂


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