The meaning of the word bubble has evolved and changed over life.

● Life as a child:

I remember binge watching shows like backyard science in order to understand the formation of bubbles.

The rest of my childhood was dressing up as Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls. Her love for animals, innocence and unconditional kindness made me connect with her. It was the earliest sign of seld acceptance.The ability to have such a strong sense of self at such a young age is a blessing.

Those were carefree days. As a kid, I wanted to fly high in the sky like the bubbles I blew.

● Life as a teenager

When you have strong opinions and ideas but have a sensitive and fragile exterior who pops like a bubble under pressure and other social situations but are also rebellious teen who chews bubble gum to mock authority and school protocol.

Apparently when a bubble pops, it doesn’t disappear but breaks into smaller bubbles. We do come out stronger and bounce back whenever we hit rock bottom.

● Life when you venture into university

University is when the bubble pops. You understand how the world functions and appreciate the value of being independent. It is when you truly take life into your own hands.

If you are pursuing a course in finance or economics then you must have studied about the housing bubble that led to the 2006-2007 financial crisis. The key takeaway: YOU ARE NEVER TOO BIG TO FAIL!

What about adulthood and old age? Do I have to grow up and kill my inner child? Is taking a bubble bath in a bathtub with a glass of wine the ultimate sign of adulthood?


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