The command term elaborate, expand and elaborate in a question is every student’s nightmare.

Students find ingenious ways to tackle such questions during an exam.

It is saddening that the current education system tests the ability to fill lines instead of sharpening knowledge.

The purpose of an exam should be effective communication between the examiner and the student. Effective communication is achieved via simple answers that entail appropriate concepts and not sentences that drive home the same point in different words.


4 thoughts on “Hell-aborate

  1. I agree with ur post…. These days in some univ. you get 15 marks or even 20 marks questions…. ‘Elaborate’ types….. wherein the answer may lie in a single line…But no we need to khicho to score given marks…bullshit …Liked ur post..


  2. Indeed!! One of us was crying after the papers just because someone had told that you need to write in atleast 5 to 7 pages!! But actually, not a single question deserved more than 3 pages.

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