Emotions are real irrespective of the time of the month. Period.

Pop culture and media refuses to normalise natural biological processes. It only highlights the two extremes of the spectrum but fails to accept the normality of things.

I am not trying to trivialise or be insensitive to a female’s emotional and physical turbulence during that time of the month but not every female has zero control over her emotions and actions during her period. Stop painting us like a Godzilla that drops emotional tantrums/outbursts and hogs on every cupcake that she sees. Women on periods aren’t scary!

There is another side to the coin. A woman’s emotional turmoil whilst menstruating is not a technique to grab attention, an excuse to be unproductive or a classic trait of a drama queen.

Baby! Are you cranky because you are on your period? This is one of the worst thing a woman can hear. It gets a woman’s blood flowing (quite literally) and raging. She might appreciate your concern and sensitivity but it isn’t really helping.

Sigh! If only a sanitary napkin had real wings that could flee us from these exaggerated stereotypes.


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  1. Yes, yes, YES. Brilliant!

    I used to be too passive. When I got my period I became more the person I should have always been. It was the only time I refused to take crap from my ex partner, may he rest in peace, or whatever…

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