What snowflakes truly teach us!

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” — V. M. Kelly

We as humans tend to romanticize nature. We often associate a negative connotation with winters. An old man’s winter night by Robert Frost is one such example in the literary world.

I believe winters teach us to hustle during the harsh and cold phases of life, take snowflakes for example.

“When several ice crystals stick together, they form a snowflake. As snowflakes tumble through the air, swirling and spiralling, they each take a different path to the ground. Each snowflake falls and floats through clouds with different temperatures and moisture levels, which shapes each snowflake in a unique way.”

No two snowflakes are ever the same. We as humans experience various forms of tumbling, swirling and spiralling in our lifetime. We melt, condense and freeze during the process but we come out strong and beautiful. Our hardships create, define and set us apart/unique from other snowflakes (humans).

I stumbled upon an analogy between snowflakes and teamwork on Misty Kearn’s website. It only takes a single snowflake to kick-start an avalanche when snowflakes stick together. Just imagine the difference we can bring about if we team up as humans!

So why be frigid and give the winters a cold vibe?



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