Explore Education ( not textbooks)

Greetings fellow students!

This is a gentle reminder to tell you that you are a student and not a lab rat

This competitive  world will tear your veins and use them as puppet strings

You have a future, whether you are an overachiever or a ‘laid back’ frat

Your grades and SATs do not decide what your future can bring


Go host carnivals, fundraisers and Ted talks

Socialise with new people and invest time in good relationships

Ditch your dog filter and take your dog for a walk

Or be a sports captain to learn the value of sportsmanship


Pursue your passion and yearn to learn

Go take a ballet class or get your dream internship

At the end of the day it is trust and not that you truly need to earn

Focus on your mental and physical health; get a yoga membership


Question every theory, formula and derivation

Pamper your soul non-academic reading

Treat the trials and tribulations of life like a short lived flirtation

Continue to hustle and do not get demotivated by life’s kneading


Grades do matter but is definitely not the only thing that matters

Do aim to pass your examinations with flying colours

These are not words of wisdom or an attempt to flatter


P.S if the exam season did not go as planned… You still have 6 more colours of life to explore



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