Your Toxic Spell

I feel a mysterious and magical connection every time I look into your eye

I am perplexed about your ability to make my soul laugh and cry

You however do not feel the same, no matter how hard I try

I tell my heart that I have moved on but deep down I know it is a lie


You have casted a spell in my ear

It is only your name that my soul can hear

The fact that I will not get over your spell is my number one fear

I wish destiny could bring us two to converse and make things clear


You are merely my acquaintance, you are a stranger

Your spell is more powerful than that of Hermione Granger

It is my vulnerable soul and fragile heart that you endanger

Dear Lord! My heart desperately requires protection by rangers


You are flawless and not the one to blame

After all love isn’t a one sided game

But I am helpless as my heart is difficult to tame

My brain tells me to move on but the heart does not feel the same


I am neither weak nor desperate

I am trying to make my emotions temperate

Whilst, simultaneously challenging my fate

Hoping it isn’t too late


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