Mirror Misery

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

 The woman who is fair, voluptuous and tall!

The famous dialogue from Snow White screams racism, sexism and every other ism that is fundamentally flawed. How does fair translate to beautiful? Language reflects our prejudice and bias towards individuals of colour. Girls are exposed to beauty norms at such a young, tender and vulnerable age. The poison is no longer in the apple that Snow White bites but in the beauty standards that society, fairy tales and media perpetuate.

The rant below captures the inner turmoil of every female who fell prey to unrealistic beauty standards.

Why can’t I wake up without a bed head?

My skin isn’t smooth and flawless like the commercials; there is acne on my forehead!

Beating the dandruff off my shoulder every morning is a must

Why can’t my hair release pixie dust?

I absolutely loathe my pimple

The only body part I am proud of is my dimple!

I am bogged down by the asymmetry of my bust

Is my body even capable of lust?

I look down and I fail to spot an hourglass

No guy would ever make a pass!

My thighs are engulfed with cellulite

How do I burn thigh fat overnight?

Self- love and embracing one’s unique beauty is difficult but it is not impossible. A Tumblr quote reminding women that they are beautiful, although appreciated is not the solution. Love and acceptance starts from within without any external prompts.

OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR. Women (not objects) once understand that you are not defined by how you appear in the mirror; you are closer to your identity.


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