F word

I am sick of being misunderstood as a Feminazi

But I am also sick of the body and slut shaming by the paparazzi


Few people refuse to accept menstruation

Whilst few of them prefer it being left to their imagination


My aunts since my childhood judged me for talking to boys

But gifted me highly sexualised Barbie toys


The censor board censors bra and bra straps

Clearly freedom of expression and basic normal things is under a wrap


Media is obsessed about thigh gaps

Clearly ignoring issues like the wage gap


Periods is still a taboo

And women till today don’t have access to the loo


They molest and stalk

But we are told not to roam post 8 o clock


I know all men aren’t to blame and are not the same

But I am sick of women being portrayed as objects to claim


Feminism is for women and men

It is time that sexism directed towards both are condemned


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