Undying crown

A woman with OCD is a queen, like Monica Geller.

I wear my OCD as a crown.

My fruitless crown that leaves me sleepless like Macbeth( in Macbeth?).

My crown made of needles gives me a relentless and exhausting sense of hope to put a rope in the eye of a needle.


Your alluring smell of Dum Biryani and Irani Chai
Bonds everyone from all walks of life/cultural background
You are both- the aspiring IT engineer and the old city Bhai
Dussehra Bhajan and Eid Azaan- you personify both sounds

You are the city of pearls
Elegant, royal ad classic
Like your intricate Pochampally Ikat sarees
That weave in beautifully
Like the heartbeat and hustle of Hyderabadis

Charminar, Golkonda fort and Chowmahalla palace- You personify a golden heritage
You are the equivalent of the American dream
To an industrialist and a labourer earning a daily wage

Thank you- #26W26D

My 26 day writing stint with tokens of expressions is extremely close to my heart.

The #26W26D challenge tested my diligence and commitment to writing. I went beyond my comfort zone whenever I wrote about themes that I usually don’t write on.

The challenge also gave me an opportunity to collaborate with one of the most inspiring and talented blogger on WordPress. Aieshi Jain, I will cherish our disagreements around the word and theme with you❤❤❤
Our motive was clear. We really, really wished that this challenge gained lots of attention and popularity but even when it didn’t, we chose to look at the brighter side which was all about writing for ourselves and pushing ourselves to write better.

It was heart-warming to read beautiful content by other talented writers. Every blogger had a creative and unique approach to the prompt. It was a great learning curve!
PAEANSUNPLUGGED, thank you for taking up the challenge so religiously❤❤❤It means the world:)

Refract Reality joined us in this challenge and I want to thank you for taking this up 🙂 I hope it somehow helped you too as it helped us. Your poems are amazing!

Introvert souls way thank you so much for embracing the challenge as well❤❤

As we promised on the rules about posting a list of our favourite posts for each word and from each day, it is not possible to do so now since only 4 people did the challenge (challenge hosts, included!)

Thank you Paeansunplugged, Introvert souls way and Refract Reality

P.S The challenge has not “officially ended” or something. You can still read the rules and start it from the first day itself. There’s no starting or ending date. Be sure to put the hashtags and ping backs and we would love to read your content 🙂

Save the zombies

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 26: Zombie

Word Theme: Hunger

Zombies feed on human brains ( or plants if you were an avid Plants vs Zombies player like me).

I love brains.

In a non-zombie way

I love people with whom I can have endless intellectual conversations with. Spanning from their insight into today’s economy to their critique on any form of literary piece.

I have a insatiable appetite

Or am I bored?

Binge eating is my greatest vice and sin.

I a zombie. HELP, I will die of starvation.

Please message me if you happen to find anyone with a brain. It’s very rare to find one with a brain.


Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 25: Yesterday

Word Theme: Tomorrow

Don’t let yesterday mess up today, which will ruin tomorrow.

The past does not define us and we must not be bogged down by it. However, I believe that yesterday is a precursor to today’s knowledge and tomorrow’s execution. Today will be yesterday in 24 hours but the choices I make today will shape tomorrow.



Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 24: Xerox

Word Theme: Technology

When light strikes the drum’s metallic surface, the dark section of the image( the text) retains a negative charge and the drum has no charge. Positively charged particles( black powder) is then introduced to attract the negatively charged text.

The supply of heat fuses the negatively charged text and positively charged powder. The drum is unaffected as it holds no charge.

This interplay and attraction of positive and negative charges allows the image to be xeroxed.

Isn’t the science of xerox similar to that of life? A positive experience or emotion sans a negative experience or emotion is futile and has no end image. An optimum mix of positive and negative forces is necessary for the image of life.

When the soul speaks

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 23: Wordless

Word Theme: Conversation

Eyes are the gateway to the soul

Eyes and body language speak volumes when words fail to.

Some connections have no words but only heartbeats.

The film Jurrasic World beautifully captures a wordless yet eternal inter-specie relationship between Owen and Blue.

If wordless conversations can materialise into something so impactful, words have no bounds.

‘Love’ that bloody sucks

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 22: Vampire

Word Theme: Attraction

Dear men,

Do you want your lady love to be at your beck and call? Do you want to be more attractive? Then chuck being supportive or considerate, be callous and cold-blooded ( quite literally)

  • Be possessive. Wreck her car in order to prevent her from meeting her guy friend.
  • Act aggressive and threaten her by breaking up or killing yourself.
  • Stalk her and check her phone.
  • Mansplain her. Afterall, she is a spineless woman who can’t take her own life decisions.
  • Do not trust her.

Your woman will yearn for your attention and love once you master the above techniques. You will be irresistible.

P.S purchase some glitter and dab it over your face to multiply your attractiveness.

Twilight is a 101 guide to abusive relationship and toxic behaviour. Teenage girls idealise 50 shades of Grey, Twilight and similar literary works that equate alpha behaviour with protection.

There is a thin line between feeling safe when vulnerable and being controlled. Pop culture and media blur this thin line only for young women to be stabbed in the heart later on( this kills a vampire, FYI).

The Twilight apple is the new age poison that young girls feed on.

The one where she sweeps her heart.

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 21: Untidy

Word Theme: Stress

Cleaning and organising are therapeutic and rewarding. Clearing the desktop, colour-coding notes and creating time tables unleashes my inner Goddess.

OCD IS STRESSFUL. A person with OCD lives with a perpetual time bomb and wears a crown made of needles.

I strive to be make everything spick and span but there are times when I give up.

You root for our survival

Creators of the challenge- tokens of expressions and me

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Word for Day 20: Tree

Word Theme: Strength

You are a true hustler and a breath of fresh air( quite literally).

You harbour a community of life. You support, collaborate and enrich the life of other living beings. You are deeply rooted and celebrate the strength from within. You appreciate the importance of being interconnected and strengthen the ones around you.

You bend before you break. You adapt and continue to stay strong despite harsh winds.

When adversity strikes, you heal yourself from within. Your true character and strength is celebrated at the toughest of times.

When injured, tree cells will flow around a wound, creating a knot. By changing course, the cells within the wood grain can continue to supply nutrients and water to other parts of the tree, rather than simply hitting a dead end and cutting off all supplies to the rest of the tree.

You personify perseverance. You get beautiful and strong with time. You know when to flaunt your leaves and know when to shed them. You accept loss in the most beautiful and dignified manner. It is a form of resurrection and rebirth.

God we don’t deserve you!